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Dandy Lions Cosmetics

Build Your Own 12 Eyeshadow Palette!

Build Your Own 12 Eyeshadow Palette!

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Introducing the new Dandy Lions Build your own palette!

Choose any 12 eyeshadows, including mattes, shimmers, duochromes, and multichromes! Over 150 colors to choose from! Just write what eyeshadows you would like in the box above! ^_^ Along with the 12 eyeshadows you choose, you will receive a beautiful shimmery black palette with 12 magnetic wells to house your new color story!


I will list any known sold out Eyeshadows here, but please double check any shades you choose are in stock. I am always on constant watch to ensure all shades remain in stock when possible. :)


None! ^_^

 *Eyeshadows will be packed separately in individual sleeves with bubble wrap to ensure a safe transit!


PLEASE NOTE Highlighters in 36mm pans are EXCLUDED from this listing! This includes the following shades: (Pegasus, Scylla, Chimera, Gorgon, Lycanthropy, Succubus, Auroroa Borealis, Blue Dream, Spriggan, VIP, Higher Power, Cleopatra, Sugar Plum, Cherry Blossom, Moscato, Lace, Glacia.) I will email you asking what replacement you would like if you happen to choose any of these, as they do NOT fit in the palettes.

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