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Swatch Stencils - Shapes

Swatch Stencils - Shapes

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Swatch Stencils are adhesive Vinyl stencils/stickers used to make swatching clean, easy, and professional! Can be used whole, or cut as needed.

Stencils are typically single use, but can be reused if you are careful when removing the stencils. Just gently and slowly peel the stencil after use, and place it back on the backing sheet if you plan to reuse. Stencils will lose their adhesive over time, if you plan to reuse.

Stencils measure about 6.5 inches x 2.5 inches

These stencils have a strong adhesive, I do not recommend putting them on sensitive areas of skin or your face. I recommend a patch test if you have very sensitive skin!

Each listing is for (1) Stencil each for 1.75$.

How to Use:

- Clean arm of any debris or excess oils/product to ensure the best adhesion when applying. 

- Carefully peel the vinyl off the backing sheet. Go slow so that you do not rip or alter the stencil. 

- Pat down onto the skin and smooth out if needed

- Now time to fill it in! Use your finger or a brush to fill in the stencil lines. I recommend going slow and steady so that you do not get product in the wrong areas.

- Peel off slowly to reveal your design!


Stencils may come in an array of colors.

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